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  • Healthcare+Life Sciences: I’m working as a practicing Product Owner, Developer & Project Coordinator (Agile DevOps SME). Challenging projects are welcome!
  • Learning+Growth: I’m actively doing advanced healthcare industry projects and continuing graduate-level certifications with extra-load published projects in Computational Genomic Data Science (GDS) and Precision Cancer Medicine (PCM) with the goal of contributing to the prevention, research, treatment and eradication of cancer worldwide, especially Childhood Cancers.

God help us all to achieve breakthroughs in this area!

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”
– Amelia EarhartOMGDevOpsBig


Conceptualize, Design, Proof-of-Concepts, Build, Deployment & Monitor

  • Full-stack Coding:IBM z/OS CLM, ISDz, Reporting, BI, Dashboards, JIRA, Python
  • Full-stack Agile DevOps:JIRA and IBM CLM Jazz, Softlayer, Bluemix workflow
  • Full-stack z/OS:z/OS Agile DevOps proof-of-concept specialist
  • Technical SME for Team, implementing proof-of-concept Agile DevOps
  • Work on projects/programs requiring transformational efforts (waterfall-agile)
  • Manage/collaborate with technical activities for Agile DevOps SMEs
  • Ownership, DoD analysis/promo, setup on historical Agile DevOps sprints
  • Backlogs setup, grooming, integration, track & delivery
  • Agile DevOps success rates, total project duration, time to market, EVM
  • ROI, Road-mapping and new requests with budgets (w/stakeholders)
  • Capital redeployment, Satisfaction surveys, Team-member turnover
  • On-boarding teammates into full immersion Agile DevOps
  • Certify teammates and develop future coaches for organic growth
  • Integrate existing best practices from Kanban & also SAFe
  • Complete Agile DevOps selling and buy-in acquisition from product owners(s) to stakeholders to start project(s)DevOps.jpg
  • Setup enforcement of non-negotiable SCRUM activities, artifacts creation, delivery
  • Scope all relevant meetings: Initiate, planning, daily, review, retrospective & release
  • Aid establishment of single central backlog and project(s) backlog(s)
  • Aid, coach & facilitate in writing CLEAR business & architectural Agile Epics/Stories
  • Do estimations using either date-based or features-based analyses
  • Setup “done/dOD” prescriptions/conditions to be enforced by super product owner, product owners, CSM facilitation and Agile DevOps-based dev team
  • Project docs, Agile DevOps dashboard, comm & PMO daily-reporting
  • EVM, audit touch points for SOX and other audits and final certified reporting
  • Tight Kanban integration with Agile DevOps (NOTE: portfolio-level)
  • Using CRISPR (gene-edits): All my projects, knowledge, certifications, education and experience tie in tightly and ultimately to my goals for cancer eradication, especially childhood cancers!

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